Walmart Coupon Codes 20% Off

Walmart is back in business unraveling fall clothing like you’ve never known before! With the schools back on track, that too with a revenge, it wasn’t long when I realized just four pairs of pants won’t be very feasible. I had forgotten all about gym wear and even ditched the idea of buying another pair of sneakers. I was wrong! With a hectic schedule as mine AND having the habits of a spoilt little brat who doesn’t really like repeating outfits, I had to get my hands on shopping for some more essentials and where better to shop at then Walmart?

Walmart Coupon Codes 20% Off

I found some awesome coupon codes at that helped me catch a 30% discount on my shopping haul. This meant more shopping for me! I went all out on buying a few more tops and with Walmart killing the fashion game, I could not contain my excitement to put those on and showing them off at school, work and at the occasional parties! With their fabric quality and designs rising up a notch, my friends found it hard to believe I was not wearing something out of a designer store! The jeans I bought are something I’ve been chasing after since months but the only places I could find them were on a magazine cover or in my dreams. Thanks too whoever the clever brain is behind the design factor at Walmart, I finally got what I wanted. The quality is decent, designs and cuts are very reminiscent of J. Crew. The final purchase I bought was a bag-pack for gym. At just $25, I landed myself a pretty good deal I must say.


The bag is resilient and easy to carry. Has a pretty charm hanging on it which caught my eye. The compartments and pockets help stack up everything quite neatly and I could always use some organizing in my life! Just moments before I was about to checkout, I spotted the cutest white sneakers on sale too. I was thrilled! It is so hard to find a good pair of sneakers that don’t have all those silly details going on. I don’t know where do these brands come off printing bumble bees and butterflies on a teenager’s sneakers?! I mean we are older kids, not toddlers! The pink laces were all that it needed to add the certain cute factor and it did just THAT! The sale lasts only a few days now so I would urge you guys to check it out till it lasts.

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